Instant Pot Yogurt- THM! Boil and Cold Start Methods

I used to make my own yogurt in my crock pot. The problem is, you aren’t guaranteed to leave your yogurt to culture in the proper temperature environment, so it can be a bit risky! I put this method aside and focused on fermenting my own kefir for a while, check out our post Culturing Kefir at Home to learn more about that! We also have a couple of awesome kefir recipes such as Kefir Cheesecake, Pumpkin Spice Kefir and Kefir Italian Soda. But I digress!

I was buying Triple Zero Yogurt by the bucketload! But, all the while I was thinking about all the money I could be saving if I would just make the stuff on my own. Eventually, I got an Instant Pot and heard about the craze of making your own yogurt in the instant pot. The Instant Pot yogurt method is not my own, I did not develop it- the method is included in the manufacturers recipes. Yet, I am writing this post to encourage all of you to try it and show you some of my tweaks of how to do Instant Pot yogurt On-Plan for Trim Healthy Mama!

This method makes great yogurt, which stands up on its own as a regular yogurt. When using skim milk, its THM E, if unstrained. THM E means that it has carb source, but not a fat source! But, if you strain the recipe into Greek Style yogurt (like Triple Zero!) its THM FP! You can use a strainer lined with cheesecloth or coffee filters for straining. But its honestly a bit of a mess! I invested in a Greek Yogurt strainer I found on Amazon and I love it because its all-in-one and easy to use. Heres the link! You can use 2% or whole milk but you will be making XO yogurt.

You can make yogurt in two methods for your instant pot, regular boil method OR the Cold Start method. Ill explain both here!

To make this recipe, you need

10-32 hours (most of this time is ferment time! very minimal actual prep time probably 1 hour)

An Instant Pot

Skim Milk 1/2 gallon- Must use ultra-pasteurized milk for cold-start method, can use any milk for boil-method

2Tbs to 1/4 cup starter yogurt- buy your favorite plain greek yogurt from the store. I like Chobani Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt



Containers of your choice!


Traditional Boil Method:

First. Plug in your instant pot and turn it onto Saute. Place the milk in and start whisking frequently.

When the milk gets warm and frothy, start checking the temperature. When the milk hits 180 degrees, (about 30 minutes), turn off the instant pot and let the milk cool.

For Traditional Boil method:

When cooled to 110-115 degrees (about 30 minutes), Whisk in your starter culture. For 1/2 gallon of milk, use 1/4 cup. Or, double your recipe for 1 gallon milk, and use 1/2 cup. Your starter should be fresh plain yogurt.

For Cold Start method:

Pour milk into the instant pot, stir in 2 Tbsp starter yogurt. Your starter should be fresh, plain yogurt.

For Either Method:

Remove the silicone seal from the Instant Pot lid. This seal can adversely flavor your yogurt! I actually use different colored seals for different types of food. I bought these colors here! Red is for meats and savory dishes. Blue is for deserts and sweets.

Place the instant pot on to Yogurt mode and depress the seal so that it is open and the instant pot can vent for your ferment time. Set to 24 hours. You can cancel at any time.

Stop the instant pot after 9-24 hours. The longer the ferment, the thicker the yogurt, the less lactose, but the trade-off is a more intense flavor. I prefer about 12 hours. Leaving the yogurt in the metal pot, cover with plastic wrap and allow to cool in the fridge. I find that if you stir it or strain it immediately, the texture can be less desireable.

Once cooled, transfer the yogurt into your strainer (I use this one!) and pop it in the fridge. Allow to sit for 3-8 hours. The longer it sits, the thicker it gets! I prefer about 4 hours. The whey is where all the carbs are, so removing the whey makes this THM FP. Leaving the whey (and skipping the straining) makes this THM E!

Use or discard the whey! It can be used in breads like our Livin’ on a Prayer Bread! Transfer the yogurt into a large container or separate containers! Flavor your yogurt as you see fit! I prefer mine with a doonk THM Pure Stevia and frozen berries on top!

Going forward, use this yogurt as your starter culture! The recipe keeps well in your fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Thanks for checking us out! Stay tuned for our Instant Pot Yogurt Troubleshooting post, and methods to flavor plain yogurt.

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