Mocha Frap! THM E

I love a protein shake. I love how easy they are. But these days I need my E fuels (healthy carbs and low in fat!) and have been wanting a protein packed shake to carry me through my afternoon. I came up with this little beauty!


4 oz unsweetened almond milk

4 oz left over coffee

1/2 a banana (I keep bananas in my freezer!)

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

1/4 cup oats

2-3 handfuls of ice

Blend it all up! Add extra ice if your banana isn’t frozen!

The addition of some healthy carbs to a protein shake helps me stay fuller longer! I love the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Chocolate Whey. You can find it here using our affiliate link: THM Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Thanks for checking us out!

Published by livelovesisters

We are two sisters who grew up in the Mid-West. We have a passion for natural living and home making.

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