Ultimate List of THM Gas station food

If you travel a lot, like I do, it can become easy to get lax in your healthy eating. My family lives in a teeny tiny town (pop 150) and the nearest Super Walmart is about 30-40 minutes away. So if I don’t plan ahead,  and take snacks, its easy to make excuses that can throw me off plan.  Thankfully, more and more gas stations are offering healthier choices, so just for fun, my girls and I went and found as many healthy options  at a local gas station as we could. Here’s what we found:


S (Satifying Fats, Keto, Low Carb) are the  easiest  snacks to find.  The roller usually has a nice variety of hot dogs and sausages. We found a nice little carousel with pre-made salads,  nuts, cheese,  hard boiled eggs,  meat sticks, pickles, and pickled peppers (not sure who picked them ).  We also found a stand of pork rinds in the chip section.

E  Snacks(healthy carbs snacks were a little more difficult to find, most gas stations now are carrying fresh apples, bananas and sometimes grapes or cut up melons. This gas station did not have them, although they had grapes and cheese in a little cup for a Cross Over snack. If the roller has a turkey dog, you could pair them together for a nice E, but we weren’t very successful.

Cross Over (XO, a mix of healthy carbs and healthy fats)  snacks were a little easier to find. Although not perfect ,  Skinny Pop is a good option for a crunchy snack.  It has 10 grams of fat, 15, grams of carbs and 3 grams of  fiber,


Lets talk Quest Products: They are become vastly popular, and my husband, a fire fighter, loves to keep them in his locker as a healthy, protien packed  snack for after they get back from a call. They are shelf stable which is nice, and they are helpful for when you are in a pinch. I did a little research for the official THM stance on these products:
Quest Bars:  The official THM stance on quest bars is that they are a “Personal choice” item and best used on rare occasions, as they do contain some sugar and other off plan ingredients that may spike some peoples  blood sugar.  My personal opinion, some flavors are pretty delicious, they are helpful to have in your purse during pregnancy.    I would eat a quarter of a bar at a time to ward of  upset stomach, but a whole bar was too much for me. IMG_20190131_104430984.jpg

Quest Protien Chips: They have less than ideal ingredients such as Potato and corn starch. However,  if you are really craving those Doritos, and  needing something salty and crunchy, they are only two g of carbs and  they are “ok” when you are in a pinch and are nice for occasional use.  My favorite flavor is the cheese flavor, but don’t eat them every day.

download (1)

Quest Cookies:  I couldn’t find an official Trim Healthy Mama comment on these, however, if we look solely at the numbers the chocolate chip flavor has 3g of carbs (19 minus the  6 g. erythritol and 9 g fiber) and 17 grams of fat.  I would say to play it safe, count them as a personal choice and only for occasional use ( the obvious better choice if you are craving a donut or a cookie) . Personally, I just stay away, as I don’t really like the taste.


Hot Beverages: Hot tea, coffee with cream – no sugar added, ( some gas stations are starting to carry stevia), other times . I should add that I try to always keep some packets of erythritol and stevia in my purse to sweeten my drinks.

Cold drinks: Sobe Life Water ( made with stevia and Erythritol),   Vitamin Water Zero ( these are harder to find, make sure they say “zero” because the bottles look exactly the same as  the regular , I have made this mistake before.
Pure Leaf, Honest or  Gold Leaf – unsweetened tea,
Bai Drinks.

If you are in the mood for something fizzy:

Kombucha is  growing in popularity. Kombucha is  similar to kefir, except that  it is fermented tea. They do add sugar to help the fermentation process. however, there is  minimal sugar in it. Serene and Pearl recommend enjoying kombucha  as part meal, rather than an all day sipper.  IMG_20190131_104140819

Sparkling water like LaCroix, if you could find it.


What are some Gas station find that you have found? Let us know!


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