Chicken and Wild Rice Soup- Instant Pot- THM E- Low Fat

The greatest advantage of owning an instant pot, in my opinion, is the ability to have a slow cooker prepared meal in a fraction of the time. Most of the time I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal and I don’t think to prepare a meal in the morningContinue reading “Chicken and Wild Rice Soup- Instant Pot- THM E- Low Fat”

Milk Chocolate! THM S, Low Carb, Sugar Free Chocolate!

Over a year ago, I posted a copycat original Lillys chocolate recipe. This recipe is 100% on plan for trim healthy mamas, compared to the actual lilies chocolate you buy in the store which does have some off plan ingredients. At that time I still the beans that I have been tinkering around with aContinue reading “Milk Chocolate! THM S, Low Carb, Sugar Free Chocolate!”

Peanut Butter Balls. THM S. Keto. Low Carb.

I love holiday treats. This year my husband wanted me to make peanut butter balls to take with us to all of our gatherings. The problem is those things are loaded with sugar. Most recipes call for a cup of powdered sugar or more. So I set out to make a recipe that I wouldContinue reading “Peanut Butter Balls. THM S. Keto. Low Carb.”

Mini Spinach Parmesan Quiche- THM FP

I love quick breakfasts! This recipe makes 24 mini quiches that work great in the freezer and warmed up in the microwave. They are low fat and low carb which makes them a protein packed THM -FP breakfast! This recipe is also super quick, which is great. Recipe 32 oz egg whites 9 oz frozenContinue reading “Mini Spinach Parmesan Quiche- THM FP”