Lily’s Copycat Chocolate! THM S

Lily’s chocolate is a staple in my home. At the local grocery store, where I live its over 4$ a bar! Makes it hard for me to keep it in the house. After some experimentation, I have found a solution for about 1$ per oz (could be cheaper if you buy in bulk) versus almost 2$ an oz at the store. This recipe is THM S compatible!


1c cocoa butter (make sure you buy for consumption, this is also sold as cosmetic grade for making beauty products/lotions)
3/4c cocoa powder (can use dark cocoa for dark chocolate)
6 tsp of erythritol/stevia blend (Pyure or THM Super Sweet) ground to a powder in a coffee grinder OR 6 doonks pure stevia
3 pinches mineral salt

Melt in a cacao butter double broiler (No. Not the microwave. You’d risk burning the cacao butter) then stir everything else in. Add any flavors you may like (some ideas raspberry extract, chopped nuts, peanut flour, or unsweetened coconut flakes -I can’t wait to try adding coconut extract !!) or just leave the plain.


Pour into molds – I used muffin tins- Refridgerate to cool them.


This is great portion control for me, instead of eating the entire Lily’s bar I eat one of these, which is like 1/4 of a Lily’s bar- depending how thick you make them!! I like these best cold, straight out of the fridge. The consistency isn’t quite the same when they are room temperature, something I am still working on!

-I plan to play around and make a milk chocolate version, as it is written, this is more like the Lily’s “original” version.

-You may like more stevia or stevia blend than this is written here, but this is how I prefer it! I prefer to use the pure stevia in my recipe, because it dissolves so easily and I am used to the taste. Newbies to stevia, may prefer the taste of stevia/erythritol blends like Pyure.

-A “doonk” is a pet name for the measurement 1/32 tsp given this nickname by the original Trim Healthy Mama’s, Serene and Pearl.

Go now and enjoy yourselves some Low Carb Chocolate!

Live. Love. Sisters.

Published by livelovesisters

We are two sisters who grew up in the Mid-West. We have a passion for natural living and home making.

8 thoughts on “Lily’s Copycat Chocolate! THM S

  1. Just today I was thinking about figuring out how to copy Lily’s chocolate!
    I’m going to try this tonight. Only smaller recipe…I don’t have a lot of Cocoa butter.
    Thank You!!!


    1. Somewhat- Cocoa butter gets cheaper when you buy it in larger quantities. Lily’s is about 1.75$ per ounce (varies where you buy it) which is 28$ per pound. Cocoa butter ranges from 10-20$ per pound depending on the volume you buy. Plus, your cocoa powder, stevia or stevia blend.


      1. Just found your blog! Love sisters doing THM together. Over the years, three of my sisters and my mom have joined in. Just curious, have you tried the milk chocolate version yet? Thank you!


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