Healthy Alcohol Consumption

Healthy Alcohol Consumption- Alcohol Consumption During Weight loss- Alcohol Consumption and Trim Healthy Mama

Low Glycemic Impact, Keto, THM friendly


When I started low glycemic impact eating for weight loss, I had this question and did a fair amount of reading/research on the topic. Many resources will tell you that light beers and dry wines are okay in moderation. Some resources will tell you that since liquors are better because some have zero carbs. But I still had questions. Which wine is best? What foods should I pair it with? Is alcohol ever okay? I spent some time reading and researching and these are my two cents on the topic.


Wines. The section of wines out there is vast and it could be easy to grab some sugar filled wines by accident. Let me give you some guidelines. If it tastes sweet, it’s best avoided. Most bubbly wines are also best avoided, with the exception of a true champagne which is a dry white wine.

Most wines do not include nutritional content, so you won’t be able to just look at the bottle. Let me provide some examples!
Red wines to try-
Pinot noir
Red wines to avoid-
Port wines
Blends with berries “like blackberry merlot” often filled with extra sugars

White wines to try-
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon blanc
White wines to avoid-
“Ice wines” are also often filled with sugars
Again, fruit blends will have high sugars


What about the hard stuff?

Non-sugary alcohol paired with zero sugar drinks (la croix, zevia) are okay again, in moderation. These alcohols had sugars in them, which underwent fermentation and now will minimally impact your blood sugar. These non sugary alcohols should be unflavored vodkas, rums, exc. the flavored stuff is often sugar filled.


Now- onto BEER! Many of us, or of our husbands cant imagine giving up our beer. We are in this for the long haul right? This is a lifestyle, and we have to be able to live and enjoy life. Therefore, beer is NOT off the table. Light beer are best because they have lower carbs than the rest. I would not advise drinking beer frequently however, due to the fact that it is empty carbs and calories. Don’t let this hold you back from enjoying an IPA or a stout at a celebration, moderation is the key word here.

However, my 2 cents… alcohol is a fuel to. It has to be burned as well. So if I chose to drink, I pair it with foods that are both low carb and low fat (THM FP meals), and in moderation. Pairing with carbs will cause the carbs to be stored, so the alcohol can be burned. Pairing with fat, will cause the fat to be stored so the alcohol can be burned. If you choose to pair alcohol with healthy carbs (THM E meals) or healthy fat meals (THM S meals), just know it’s not as friendly for weight loss and keep it in moderation! Enjoy celebrations and enjoy your life, making wise choices about which alcohol you choose to consume.


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