Can I do THM on a Budget?

Of course the short answer is yes! But how? Let us help you in your journey with some tips and tricks we have learned along the way. There is an entire chapter in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book to help you as well, and we do not mean to replace that guidance! We are just adding our own tidbits to your knowledge base!

A Few Overall Tips for Money Saving

Buy in Bulk– While you do spend a little more, you get a lot more! We often shop at bulk stores 1 time a month and have enough supplies to last a long time. Shelf stable items will last a long time, even some items last in your fridge for a few weeks so getting a large amount will save your wallet on your weekly runs to the local grocery store. Check out our post about THM friendly finds at Costco and Sams Club to highlight how buying items in bulk will save you money over time. 
Special Ingredients– While the plan CAN be done without special ingredients, and this is a great place to start, special ingredients are great for boosting nutritional value to your food and stretching how far your meal options go! We don’t recommend buying all the specialty ingredients at once. Rather, buy one item at a time (maybe one item a month) and building your pantry over time. These specialty ingredients can end up saving you money by lessening what you spend on a weekly basis. 
Eat more E (Energizing) meals– These are your healthy carb meals. Healthy carbs like quinoa and brown rice can be bought in bulk (Hooray!) and are shelf stable for a long time. They are also cheap, and can really bring down the price tag of your overall meal. 
Use Frozen Veggies and Meats– Frozen foods are often cheaper because they are more stable to be transported from areas where they are in season to your local grocery store. This often brings the price tag down. This also means you can buy these at a bulk store at an even cheaper price and use them over time! Score!
Meal Planning– Not all of us enjoy planning every singe aspect of our lives and meal planning can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t have to do this! Try just planning a few meals for your week and align them to use similar ingredients. For example, if you are buying ground turkey for our CHEAP CHILI recipe, maybe also plan on making one of the Trimmy Bisques with ground turkey so you can buy a bulk amount and save money. Or plan on buying a rotisserie chicken, using the half of the meat for salads, and the other half of the meat for our LEFTOVER TURKEY SOUP (Chicken easily subs out for Turkey here!). If you enjoy planning every meal, more power to ya mama! But even if you don’t this slight planning will help eliminate food waste and maximize ingredients. 
Some Ideas for Budget Friendly Meals
Eggs and Smash- Browns (recipe link)
Baked oatmeal (recipe link)
Creamless Creamy Chicken from THMC
Progresso Soups
Chicken Salad with Cucumber “chips” (recipe link)

Cheap Chili! THM E

Quiche (recipe link)

Eggroll in a bowl from THMC

Crockpot whole Chicken, rice and beans (recipe link)

Turkey Barley Soup THM-E use leftover chicken or turkey!

Creamy Cauliflower Snickerdoodle Shake! THM – FP

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