Livin’ on a Prayer Breadmaker Bread THM E

Yikes! I’m out of bread! Ever had one of those moments?  Our TEENY, TINY town has no grocery store for 20 miles. Thank goodness for my bread maker!  I needed something hearty to  feed my children  for supper, and came up with this amazingly soft, squishy bread. I called this recipe living on a prayerContinue reading “Livin’ on a Prayer Breadmaker Bread THM E”

Peanutty Protein Veggie Dip – THM FP

Our First Recipe! For our first recipe, we went with something simple and delicious!! This quick and easy snack is protein packed, low calorie, low carb and low fat! Its quick and filling! This recipe can be used in low fat, low calorie, low carb diets, its a Keto and THM FP compatible recipe. ThisContinue reading “Peanutty Protein Veggie Dip – THM FP”