Removing Chemicals from Your Home- 10 Ways to use Castile Soap

Castile soap is a vegetable oil based soap made from oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oils and FREE from chemicals! It’s so versatile and just buying one bottle of it can eliminate multiple sources of chemicals in your home. It’s quite concentrated, so you won’t use much for each of these uses! Let’s get started on 10 Ways to use Castile Soap!

1. Shampoo. So many shampoos are filled with junk you just don’t want to rub into your scalp. This soap is ultra-cleaning, yet provides some moisture by being based in an oil. I promise it won’t make you oily. Scented versions available! Or add a few drops of essential oil of your liking. Use a very small amount, about the size of a dime. Finish your shampoo with a natural conditioner. Some recipes for a natural conditioner coming soon!

2. Body Wash. I love that I can replace two bottles of junk in my shower with one bottle of pure Castile soap. This soap makes a great body wash. A little really goes a long way! Use just a small amount, the size of a dime should work! Scented versions available! Or add a few drops of essential oil of your liking. Finish your shower with a natural lotion- some recipes coming soon!

3. Dish Soap. Pure Castile soap makes a great all natural dish soap. Soaking your hands in this soap while washing dishes will not cost you in the many chemicals in big-brand dish soaps! It goes farther too! Just use a couple drops instead of the generous squirt of big-brand soaps. Plus you can get it in nice citrus scents for the kitchen or add a few drops of a citrus essential oil. You can also make a detergent for dishwashers by mixing 50/50 Castile soap and water. Then fill your detergent cavity in your washer.

4. Face Wash. Just a single drop can wash your entire face. Again, I’m moving another bottle of chemicals out of my shower space! Yay for that!

5. Hand Soap. Spruce up your pure Castile soap with a few drops of essential oil and park it next to all your sinks! I just love that it’s safe to smear all over my body and strong enough to be up to the task!

6. Shaving Cream. This stuff really lathers. By the sink, my husband can take a pump out of our hand soap container and lather it up to shave and wash his face at the same time! I like to lather it up in the shower to shave my legs. Removing another product of chemicals from my shower!

7. Household Cleaner. Add a couple tablespoons to a spray bottle filled with water. This stuff is now a multi purpose cleaner! You may add essential oils like thieves to increase germ killing power! I don’t use it on glass, vinegar based homemade products are better for that! But I do love this for countertops, and mopping! Stay tuned for vinegar based recipes.

8. Mopping. For mopping, add 1/2 cup Castile soap to a gallon of warm water. Then mop as usual!

9. Fruit and vegetable wash. You can make a spray bottle by adding a couple drops to a bottle of water and spraying your fruit and vegetables. OR! Make a bowl of wash by adding a couple drops to a bowl of water, and wash vegetables and fruit by soaking in the bowl and rinsing off. Either method works great!

10. Toilet Cleaner. This is a toilet cleaner you can feel good about flushing into the water system. Is not filled with so many chemicals you are washing into the water. Put a few drops into the toilet. Then shake a little baking soda into the toilet. Scrub. Flush! Easy-peasy!

If you are buying Castile soap for the first time, I suggest buying a plain Castile soap and spreading it throughout your home in various containers. I chose Dr Bronners “unscented baby” because its their plain version, a popular brand you can find all over amazon, even in target and natural groceries stores. You can spruce up individual containers with essential oils of your liking. Here’s a link to plain Dr Bronners on

It comes as a liquid for most of these recipes! You can also purchase it in a bar for body wash, face wash, hand soap uses.

Stay tuned for some recipes to spruce up Castile soap for various uses around your home!

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We are two sisters who grew up in the Mid-West. We have a passion for natural living and home making.

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