Gettin’ Back “On the Wagon”

An Encouraging Guide for when you've fallen off the Wagon
So you’ve just come home from a birthday party, and you just couldn’t avoid the cake. Or you’ve rebelled for a few days and eaten all kinds of junk. Or even if you’ve spent months eating whatever you’ve felt like. Getting back on the diet wagon can be difficult, and it can come with some uncomfortable symptoms. Lets tackle each problem one at a time.
  1. Self Loathing: Why have I done this to myself? I was doing so good! I’m the worst! Okay, you’ve spent some time with those thoughts. Brush them away, because you’ve made a decision now to do better! Focus on that instead. Focus your energy on making plans or finding what works for you to be successful. And plan to do better for the next meal.
  2. What to do with the junk food you have in your house, the temptations. This is a problem you are going to have to tackle based on your personality and situation. For some of us, tossing all the junk, or giving it to a food shelter removes the temptation and will make you successful. For others, having the food in the house isn’t such a big deal. Removing the food from your house might deprive others in your home from foods they enjoy. For me, I have to have healthy alternatives that I can go for, and leave the junk in the house. I have the junk for my family, so they don’t feel deprived (not that I want them eating only junk!). But what works for me is to separate foods on the shelves in my pantry, one shelf for junk, the next for healthy. This way, I know to avoid the shelf for junk.
  3. Headaches- a nasty symptom of sugar withdrawal or blood sugar spikes!  As your body deals with the surge of sugar and then no-sugar, many people experience headaches. Aside from your medicine cabinet, there are a few things you can do. Getting back on track with a few high fat/ ultra low carb meals (think no dairy, no nuts, just healthy fats like eggs, meat, coconut oil) can help. The apple cider vinegar drink Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS) developed my Trim Healthy Mama authors is a drink that detoxes the liver and flushes your system. See our post “Good Girl Moonshine Concentrate” for an easy recipe. These recipes are all over pinterest and the original recipe is in the first Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Check out our post on Overcoming Headaches Naturally.
  4. Bloating, Constipation or Diarrhea- whether you are experiencing going to often, or not going enough. These tummy troubles can really ruin your day. Make sure you are getting enough water.  Drinking a good amount of GGMS is a good way to increase your water intake.
  5. Feeling Exhausted- Getting sugar out of your system and getting back into fat burning mode takes energy! This leaves you feeling groggy and yucky for a few days. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients. Don’t spend these few days trying to get back on track and massively reducing calories at this time. We’re not saying to go out and eat non-stop! Having a mid-afternoon cup of coffee, or black tea is a nice pick-me-up during this time.  Take a nice long walk outside, but don’t overdo the exercise.
  6. Own your cheats –  you may want to step on the scale to see how much you have “gained”. Don’t be discouraged, you probably will see a higher number on the scale. You could let the number gets you down, and use it as an excuse to keep eating poorly. DON’T!  Chances are its mostly excess water weight. Reality is, that a one time cheat isn’t going to make you instantly gain 5 pounds of fat.  Give yourself a few days of eating on track to weigh yourself, if you want to – you  might be surprised!


What are some of your best tips for getting back to your healthy eating? Leave us a comment!

Love, Laura and Leslie

Published by livelovesisters

We are two sisters who grew up in the Mid-West. We have a passion for natural living and home making.

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