Easy Sprouted Sourdough – THM E

Both Sourdough and Sprouted breads have a lesser impact on your glycemic index, than otherwise processed flours. This is because the sprouted flour is more like a vegetable than a grain, and the fermentation of the sourdough partially breaks down the flour.

This recipe is Low Fat and Moderate in Healthy Carbs. It is THM E compatible. 

But. Sourdough takes time. It takes 7-10 days to get a starter to ferment, and then takes hours to rise before it can be baked. This intimidates a lot of folks away from making sourdough breads!  This recipe is the easiest sourdough we’ve ever made, because its only half sourdough, and half sprouted grains.

Because only half of the dough is fermented, it has a sourdough taste that is light, and definitely not overpowering. Because its half sprouted flour, it requires yeast, which is why it is not a true sourdough bread. It also requires a tablespoon of honey to grow the yeast. Don’t worry, this tablespoon of honey will not cause your blood sugar to spike, as its divided between a large loaf of bread.


Some of us like to use a bread maker simply for the dough process, and then switch to conventional baking in pans. This is totally do-able if thats how you like to bake! See the modification at the end of the recipe for this method.

Heres the link for the printable PDF recipe! Easy Sprouted Sourdough Bread—Bread maker

This bread is also easily frozen. Its best to let it cool, slice it, then freeze it. Thanks for coming back to our site! Give us your thoughts!

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We are two sisters who grew up in the Mid-West. We have a passion for natural living and home making.

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