Beginners Bingo! Trim Healthy Mama, Low Glycemic Impact

Low Glycemic Impact eating means choosing to pair your foods in a way that minimally impacts your blood sugars. “Glycemic” is just a way to say, blood sugar levels. This concept aligns with the Trim Healthy Mama way! There are many books and resources out there, that describe different ways to arrange your meals. Our pick: Trim Healthy Mama, the plan which you can buy here! 

But the common theme, is to separate carbs and fats so that your body doesn’t have to chose to store either the carbs or the fats. See, unless you have a high metabolism like growing kids or super-star athletes, your body can only handle so much “glycemic load” or amount of calories/fats/carbs that it has to choose how to burn. By separating these food groups, your body doesn’t have to choose what to store since you are only providing enough food to burn.

When you jump into a new lifestyle, its easy to get overwhelmed. Its not a big deal if you want to take it slow and adjust your meals as you go. But some of us (myself included!) are all-or-nothing mentality! And we feel like we have to start 100% on day one without cheating! This guide was made to get your journey started, while you start reading and learning!

This guide is all about easy. Its no special ingredients, no long recipes and no fuss.

There’s way more here than this little picture shows- Check out the printable PDF here: Beginners Bingo

We’ve also got a short and simple guide to how the plan works underneath the bingo card! Use this bingo card to pick and choose your fuels throughout the day, no need to stick in one column. As a reminder- separate your fuels by 3-4 hours!

Coming soon- a shopping list for your first week!

Let us know what you’d like to see from us next!

Published by livelovesisters

We are two sisters who grew up in the Mid-West. We have a passion for natural living and home making.

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